You belong in this creative community

If you are longing to create, but feel blocked, I offer an approach that will help you reconnect with, and unlock, the artist within. My approach combines the physical, mental and spiritual, and includes basic body movement, breathing techniques, sound vibrations, as well as making art.

We will address the fears and obstacles that hold you back, and I will assist you in moving towards a calm, balanced and energised state of mind, giving you the space and freedom to enjoy creating.

Unblock, Nurture, Explore, and Enjoy the freedom to create.

Uncover your true feelings.
Tap into the knowledge of the body.

I understand. . .

Beginning might feel daunting as expectations, fears and resistance surface. I will help you embrace this process, so that you may rediscover your unique creative spirit. Be who you are. 

I am here to support you.


Be process focused rather than outcome focused. It’s a state of being! Let me show you how.