Why do a daily DAP?

Before writing the first draft of this post I did a kundalini yoga practice designed to help us create our future. The postures, breath and visualisation practices enable us to imagine our desired future self. And afterwards I made a quick intuitive artwork based on my experience.

Future Vision

I saw a vision of myself as a solid form not yet inhabiting the full capacity of the space available to me.  And the image above is the visual representation of that vision. It’s a quick artwork that took me about 10 minutes. And it has the potential to be reinterpreted as a larger final artwork.

It occurred to me that I perceive life from 50 as being on the downhill side of the slope. (And I hadn’t even done the uphill part well enough!) 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, (maybe even 80’s, maybe a little more) – dust.

Trying to conceptualise the remaining years in terms of what I had already experienced, I realised it’s like having my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s and perhaps even 50’s (which I haven’t lived yet) again.

Lifelong learning and growth

Not in the sense of romanticising the past and trying to relive it – though certain memories certainly would be wonderful to reinhabit. More in the sense of appreciating that it’s a significant amount of time. AND we can still learn and grow. I love spending time with people who are consciously learning, especially with the view to create more meaning, extract more enjoyment, and contribute toward vital change.

So that’s what I’m going for!!! Woo-hoo, I get to relive my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s all over again, plus some (if I am lucky), but with more wisdom and insight, and in a more mature body. And especially in a spirit of learning, embracing change and evolution, and in expectation of good things to come!

Instead of a diminishing candle, I am an every brightening and expanding light. Textured and stained by years of living, but still radiant.  

Revelations from a daily DAP

A DAP is a Devotional Art Practice. It is a spiritual and art practice. The spiritual practice is based on holistic yoga. And the art practice is intuitive and expressive.

We receive vital messages from God/Divine spirit during spiritual practices. And we can interpret these visually in an art practice, which in turn brings clarity and reinforces the power of these messages. These messages are always for our good, and we benefit enormously from making time to tune into them.

What spiritual and creative practices guide you? I’d love to hear your experiences and understand your perspective.

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    1. Hi Sue. Thanks so much for your comment. I’m glad you found this inspirational. Yes, over the years I have pursued spiritual connection in different ways, and I find this to be the most comprehensive and helpful. My other experiences have informed this and I hope to keep discovering more! 🧡💜

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