Keep doing

The message is consistently the same from multiple creatives. Keep doing. Be consistent.

Be consistent

Those mostly small, sometimes large, efforts everyday make the ultimate difference. Do and do, and do some more, no matter how you feel, no matter what it looks like.


It sounds a bit robotic. Sometimes I think that’s exactly what we are expected to be – a robotic machine. But it’s also about adapting on the day, and in the moment.


I wish I had the capacity to give everything my best every day. But, inevitably, some tasks are prioritised and they get the golden time. And then we need to allow the other important things, which perhaps are actually most important to us, to be easier – even nurturing.

Develop your skill

Sometimes, I feel that if I am a serious artist I will give my artwork the focused energy it deserves every day. But the reality is that when the sun has long set, just to be able to do it at all, it needs to be playful and intuitive. And I trust that each action, each effort, is taking me forward in some small way. Each doodle, sketch, collage, test print, technique experiment, whatever, teaches me something and develops my skill.

Keep going! I’ll see you at the top of the next hill. We can admire the view and take a breather.

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