Devotion leads to direction

I think all artists know the importance of finding a unique direction in our work. There’s a sense of calmness and reassurance that comes through forging your own path. And the work also becomes your compass in life. Your commitment – devotion – to it guides your decisions.

My direction fairly recently became clear. It emerged through me following, what I call, a daily Devotional Art Practice. Making time (almost) every day to just tune in, explore and experiment.

I would like to share my journey with you as it unfolds because memories, like footprints, become obscured and unclear with distance.

My theme is botanical, and in these samples you can see how I am experimenting with printmaking. I don’t have access to traditional printmaking equipment, and am using acetate for dry point etching and recycled plastic for monoprinting. What I most love about printmaking is the glorious quality of line, rich texture and the unpredictability.

I hope you enjoy and take inspiration from these small glimpses of my current work. (I share my artwork on Instagram.) May they encourage you in your own journey.

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