Stages of the journey

I haven’t had much time for art over the past couple of weeks. Feel my artist identity sliding off my face like a melting mask! You’re only it while you keep doing it. Don’t want to go backwards.

Experience has taught me not to panic though, and to be compassionate with myself. What I want to do is sit down for hours and days and work on something really detailed. Yet what I can’t do now is sit for hours and days…

Instead, I keep tuning in, doing the bits I can.

This artwork (“Belonging”) is my reminder that as long as I keep the flow open, I will have a steady stream of ideas. And when time allows I can interpret rough work (concept art) into final artwork.

I am also in a stage of accepting my circumstances – all of them. Not in a resigned apathetic way, but with a calm openness.

This is the real artist’s journey.

What stage are you in?

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