How kind are you to yourself?

When last did you give yourself time to simply do what you most want to do?

What if you think about what you really want to do as being vitally nourishing, rather than self-indulgent? What if it changes your life?

Have you ever just stopped? Whispered “I can’t anymore…”. Gently withdrawn, and simply walked away?

How frequently do you immerse yourself in something that is completely you? Just doing it because you want to. Allowing yourself to gently float away from what feels like an ever pressing reality.

Drawing as meditation

I experience drawing as deep meditation. It doesn’t have to be quiet. I listen to audio books or music. I sometimes get this overwhelming desire to just sit and draw. Hours go by, and I am elsewhere, nowhere, and here. Very present, very focused.

It’s transformative. Lines upon lines that collectively form a new illusion. 

It’s an absolute source of joy. A blissful state. When I look at my drawing, I remember I was here, and far away.

What will you allow yourself?

2 thoughts on “How kind are you to yourself?

  1. This is beautiful. And I think we all forget to sometimes just give into ourselves. I usually feel guilty about doing what I want and not doing what is expected of me.

    Running for me is a form of meditation. I am there and somewhere else at the same time.

  2. Yes, I think those of us who are very disciplined and strive to give of our best don’t know when or how to stop. It’s as if rest and fun is a reward, but then we feel we can always do more! Do you also sometimes feel that you want to clear everything out of the way, and then you can ______(do what you want)? (And then that never comes or you are too worn out.) And people who are very kind, compassionate and empathic feel that they should put others first, which are beautiful qualities, but become destructive when you don’t give enough to yourself.

    I remember that feeling of getting into ‘a zone’ from my running days. It is a kind of meditation. Distance swimming was the same. And now I find that walking quietly on my own in nature is meditative too.

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. 🧡💜

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