Spirituality is the substrate

I’m using my blog posts to try to better explain my business approach and philosophy. It’s a process of ongoing clarification for myself too because this is not something that is only of Wendy. My posts are also very personal, which is a risk. To be vulnerable is to open yourself to risk. But I […]

Keep doing

The message is consistently the same from multiple creatives. Keep doing. Be consistent. Be consistent Those mostly small, sometimes large, efforts everyday make the ultimate difference. Do and do, and do some more, no matter how you feel, no matter what it looks like. Adaptable It sounds a bit robotic. Sometimes I think that’s exactly […]

Why do a daily DAP?

Before writing the first draft of this post I did a kundalini yoga practice designed to help us create our future. The postures, breath and visualisation practices enable us to imagine our desired future self. And afterwards I made a quick intuitive artwork based on my experience. Future Vision I saw a vision of myself […]

Where do you want to go?

Mind follows breath “There is no doubt that breath control is the means for mind control because the mind, like breath, is a part of air; because the nature of mobility is common to both; because the place of origin is the same for both; and because when one of them is controlled, the other gets controlled.” (Ramana Maharshi) When we experience shock or intense fear, we hold our breath. […]

Give all that you can to Life

I watched an interview yesterday on Marie (Forleo) Tv with Gary Zukav. They were talking about his new book “Universal Human”. In closing, he offered the following advice: “Give all that you can to Life”. Give – put it out there. Offer without attachment. ALL – don’t hold back. You – don’t worry about what […]

Shift your state

In last week’s post I spoke about knowing when to let an artwork go. When to accept that there isn’t enough of value to continue investing more time and energy. This week I want to speak about not giving up, about persevering. Sometimes an artwork still contains potential and you just need to change direction. […]

Sometimes you get a painting.

And sometimes you get an experience… and more opportunities to grow. The inner voice I sort of fumbled my way into this post. Something was nagging at me. You know that feeling, right?! All I had to do was sit down and unpack it. Writing usually helps. That inner voice, connected to the eternal voice, […]

Your art matters

Imagine believing that one didn’t matter. It’s only one, or yet another one. Yet how often do we feel that we – I – don’t really matter. This morning I walked into my living room and with absolute delight discovered a single flower that had blossomed, quite literally, overnight. It is possibly the only flower […]

The relationship between real yoga and creative practices

When I first started yoga I approached it as a form of exercise, though it had been recommended to me by a movement therapist who felt that it would help me emotionally. It really wasn’t easy for me to surrender to yoga. I came from a distance running, swimming and aerobics background – I liked […]