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It’s about connection…

The creative journey begins with tapping into our creative essence and connecting to our source.

Once we accept that it is our very nature to create we are able to give our art the time, energy and dedication it deserves. By acknowledging the connection between our essence and spiritual source we are able to tap into a never ending supply of creative inspiration.

It’s the how that matters

Rather than the outcome, it is the process itself that matters.

I know what it’s like to be self-critical and question your self-worth, feeling that your creative efforts are not quite good enough. I’ve experienced the vulnerability of showing personal work to the world. Fears of criticism and rejection are very real and can be debilitating. I also understand the need to keep other streams of income open and then feel that you never have enough time. But I’ve come to realise that it is the process of creating that is most valuable. Embrace these challenges and do it anyway!

Receive support, feedback and guidance

I offer various courses and services online. What is unique to my approach is that my courses are facilitated, and you will receive support, feedback and guidance. Creating can be a very lonely process, fraught with insecurity, self-doubt and self-sabotage. I adopt a holistic approach and give you practices to follow that will enable you to build a robust practice.

Through my website let’s build a community that will be a source of ongoing support and inspiration for all of us.

I am ready!”

Perhaps you don’t know how to get started? Or you can’t sustain the momentum.

Do the same obstacles derail you? Maybe you need feedback and support to keep you on track? I will support you through the whole creative process from start to finish. Through this experience you will become empowered and equipped to navigate these waters time and again as part of your personal journey.

Holistic 6 week online course – This course includes:

  1. Yoga based practices including basic asana (postures and warm-ups), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra (sound and positive affirmations), and art making and writing practices. (See list of terminology.)
  2. A 90 min live weekly Zoom session (over the weekend).
  3. Daily and weekly feedback via comments on posts, emails and text messages.
  4. Pre-recorded videos of daily practices – Sadhana and Devotional Artwork Practice. (See list of terminology.)
  5. Pre-recorded technique videos to provide ideas of how to work with different mediums in different ways.
  6. Conceptual development, working process and constructive critique sessions.
  7. Facilitation of self-directed projects.
  8. Focus on areas of challenge. Understanding and dealing with obstacles and blockages.
  9. A list of suggested materials will be provided.

Is there a specific area of challenge that you want to focus on?

  • Short online workshops focusing on a specific theme. We will contemplate resistance, fear, self-worth and criticism.
  • One-to-one online sessions. I will help you with personal areas of challenge. 

Do you find it difficult to express yourself with words? Do you know how you really feel?

  • I offer online Expressive Art sessions that enable you to tap into your true feelings and emotions. Our body communicates through images and our body never lies. Healing comes through feeling. (See list of terminology.)

Be process focused rather than outcome focused. It’s a state of being! Let me show you how.

Student testimonials

 “As a teacher Wendy strikes a great balance between encouragement and guidance, with her very specific comments always helping me to move forward. She structures the classes to enable development, and learning new techniques or media, at a level that works for each student, and it is a wonderfully relaxed and friendly atmosphere which is good for creativity. I highly recommend Wendy’s classes to all who are interested in illustration, at any level of skill or experience.”

(Anneli Visser)

“Wendy’s enthusiasm and commitment to her students, and the inspiration of the group really helped kick start a very exciting illustration project, long dormant in the making…”

(Dr Anthony Smith)

“Wendy is a friendly, relatable person who is very passionate about what she does. Her methods are thorough and I strongly believe that some of the thoughts shared during her lectures are what will take me from being a good designer, to a great designer.”

(Carla Latsky)

“The course has a freedom about it that I did not expect. I personally enjoyed this. I had the idea in my head that it would be a formal/rigid course with set guidelines, but instead it was an open class environment allowing for creative expression without feeling boxed in any way. The mood was light and fun and this made it easy to communicate with you and the other pupils.”