Why do we enjoy pattern so much?

Pattern is pleasing to the eye and mind. It is stimulating and predictable. Our enjoyment of pattern is explained by Gestalt psychology and theory as it relates to art and design. By nature, we automatically group like elements, simplify complexity, and impose meaning and  order. This calms the mind because the environment becomes knowable and […]

Stages of the journey

I haven’t had much time for art over the past couple of weeks. Feel my artist identity sliding off my face like a melting mask! You’re only it while you keep doing it. Don’t want to go backwards. Experience has taught me not to panic though, and to be compassionate with myself. What I want […]

Grow towards the light

Throughout our lives, as we respond to our changing circumstances and strive to fully express ourselves, we are shaped into interesting characters. We have the ability to make subtle internal shifts and change our course, just like a cactus that unrelentingly grows towards the light.

Sparking ideas

Everything you do is something. And you never know where it will take you. Piles of journals and heaps of ideas trickling gently as a stream into a powerful river, into a mighty ocean.  In this montage, I overlaid some rough exploration onto sections of finished artwork to show how these elements were reinterpreted. See […]

Devotion leads to direction

I think all artists know the importance of finding a unique direction in our work. There’s a sense of calmness and reassurance that comes through forging your own path. And the work also becomes your compass in life. Your commitment – devotion – to it guides your decisions. My direction fairly recently became clear. It […]

What are your art making struggles?

I started my business, and am developing courses and content, with the aim of helping artists in their struggles with everything related to the artmaking process. By this I mean the stuff around the actual art that is made (or not made). When we teach or study art – formally or informally – we tend […]

Coming into focus

Lately, I’ve been feeling that… I don’t know enough. Don’t do enough. Am not enough. These are familiar feelings. Fear has chased your dreams away. And magic had to escape from control. I crave simplicity. This photograph that I took a few years ago speaks to these feelings. It reminds me to quietly sit and […]

Spirituality is the substrate

I’m using my blog posts to try to better explain my business approach and philosophy. It’s a process of ongoing clarification for myself too because this is not something that is only of Wendy. My posts are also very personal, which is a risk. To be vulnerable is to open yourself to risk. But I […]

Keep doing

The message is consistently the same from multiple creatives. Keep doing. Be consistent. Be consistent Those mostly small, sometimes large, efforts everyday make the ultimate difference. Do and do, and do some more, no matter how you feel, no matter what it looks like. Adaptable It sounds a bit robotic. Sometimes I think that’s exactly […]

Why do a daily DAP?

Before writing the first draft of this post I did a kundalini yoga practice designed to help us create our future. The postures, breath and visualisation practices enable us to imagine our desired future self. And afterwards I made a quick intuitive artwork based on my experience. Future Vision I saw a vision of myself […]