How kind are you to yourself?

When last did you give yourself time to simply do what you most want to do? What if you think about what you really want to do as being vitally nourishing, rather than self-indulgent? What if it changes your life? Have you ever just stopped? Whispered “I can’t anymore…”. Gently withdrawn, and simply walked away? […]

Coming into focus

Lately, I’ve been feeling that… I don’t know enough. Don’t do enough. Am not enough. These are familiar feelings. Fear has chased your dreams away. And magic had to escape from control. I crave simplicity. This photograph that I took a few years ago speaks to these feelings. It reminds me to quietly sit and […]

Your art matters

Imagine believing that one didn’t matter. It’s only one, or yet another one. Yet how often do we feel that we – I – don’t really matter. This morning I walked into my living room and with absolute delight discovered a single flower that had blossomed, quite literally, overnight. It is possibly the only flower […]