Why do we enjoy pattern so much?

Pattern is pleasing to the eye and mind. It is stimulating and predictable. Our enjoyment of pattern is explained by Gestalt psychology and theory as it relates to art and design. By nature, we automatically group like elements, simplify complexity, and impose meaning and  order. This calms the mind because the environment becomes knowable and […]

How kind are you to yourself?

When last did you give yourself time to simply do what you most want to do? What if you think about what you really want to do as being vitally nourishing, rather than self-indulgent? What if it changes your life? Have you ever just stopped? Whispered “I can’t anymore…”. Gently withdrawn, and simply walked away? […]

Stages of the journey

I haven’t had much time for art over the past couple of weeks. Feel my artist identity sliding off my face like a melting mask! You’re only it while you keep doing it. Don’t want to go backwards. Experience has taught me not to panic though, and to be compassionate with myself. What I want […]

Grow towards the light

Throughout our lives, as we respond to our changing circumstances and strive to fully express ourselves, we are shaped into interesting characters. We have the ability to make subtle internal shifts and change our course, just like a cactus that unrelentingly grows towards the light.

Tap into your creative essence

Creativity Workshop Date: Saturday 30th October Time: 10am – 1pm Cost: R350 (Excluding materials) Venue: Online using Zoom Hosted by: Indigogreen (www.indigogreen.co.za) What is unique about this creativity workshop? Many people experience a lot of anxiety, and even torment, relating to the creative process. I have come to realise that it doesn’t have to be […]

Why do a daily DAP?

Before writing the first draft of this post I did a kundalini yoga practice designed to help us create our future. The postures, breath and visualisation practices enable us to imagine our desired future self. And afterwards I made a quick intuitive artwork based on my experience. Future Vision I saw a vision of myself […]

Give all that you can to Life

I watched an interview yesterday on Marie (Forleo) Tv with Gary Zukav. They were talking about his new book “Universal Human”. In closing, he offered the following advice: “Give all that you can to Life”. Give – put it out there. Offer without attachment. ALL – don’t hold back. You – don’t worry about what […]

The relationship between real yoga and creative practices

When I first started yoga I approached it as a form of exercise, though it had been recommended to me by a movement therapist who felt that it would help me emotionally. It really wasn’t easy for me to surrender to yoga. I came from a distance running, swimming and aerobics background – I liked […]